To create an environment where player develop skills, attitude, and effort which allows them to compete at sectional and state championship level. Thus, providing opportunities in college and beyond.


To create an affordable club that focuses on learning the skills, techniques, strategies, correct attitude, sportsmanship, best effort, teamwork, fitness, develop friendship, and most important, how to enjoy the game.

(A bi-product of this should be the enjoyment of winning)


Right Attitude    •    Learn Skills    •    Best Effort    •    Have Fun


Lumber City Volleyball Club was started by Robert Albert in October of 2019, after his son, Jacob, made the modify team for North Tonawanda.  They started practicing on Sunday afternoon at the Third Warder Social Club.  After a few weeks of practice and playing one on one, a few other players wanted to join. As the modify season was half way done, Rob looked for a close and affordable option to improve his sons’ skills year-round.  Not finding one, and after and exciting winning modify season, he saw the potential of the entire team practicing together and talked to Brian Starr about starting a Club in North Tonawanda.  Several kids showed interest, and each week the Sunday practice grew, and momentum for the club started to form.   Rob then approached the Third Warder Club to see if they would support us and allow us to practice each Sunday and Wednesday, they did, and the Lumber City Volleyball Club was established.

The original goal Rob and Brian had for the Club, was to practice year-round and maybe play in a tournament or two.  However, the kids and parents support for a club poured out, and the club grew quickly to 13 kids, and 4 tournaments.  The need for equipment, balls, coaching, uniforms, practice gear, etc..  became a concern.   The Third Warder Club, Before & After Fitness Center and Nash Road Church stepped up as sponsors, and the kids worked hard to sell over 1300 candy bars.  A logo was created, and the club was official.

Today, the goal is to create an affordable club that focuses on learning the skills & techniques, strategies, correct attitude, sportsmanship, effort needed, and how to enjoy the game.

What you need to know:

Age Range: Age group for this club are 14U and 13U.  please see below to confirm if you qualify for this club.

14 and Under Division:  Players who were born on or after September 1, 2005

13 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2006


Practice Time & Spot:

Practice time is Wednesdays at 4:00 to 6:00, and Sundays from 4:00 to 6:00, starting on November 13, 2019, at The Third Ward Men’s Club.   Player's dad must be a member.   Membership cost is $50 plus $20 initiation/key fob fee.  For membership application please see Rob Albert or website.  They are located at 147 12th Ave, North Tonawanda, NY 14120, web is  You will also receive other benefits of the membership (see web).   The Third Ward sponsors many youth activities and sports, and we appreciate their support of our club. 

USA Volleyball: Every youth must join USA Volleyball.  It gives us insurance, and allows us to play in certain tournaments, along with other benefits of USA Volleyball membership.   See:   It also provides youth protection training for the coaches. 

Tournaments: WEVA (USA Volleyball reginal division) is one organization that run tournaments in the area.  They are normally $250 to $350 for the day. 

Scrimmages: We may scrimmage between other local clubs, this will involve calling the coaches and arranging a date. Dates TBA.

Costing: Below is the cost, however we are looking at potential sponsorships that may help reduce cost or allow us to offer more things to the players.   We want all kids to be able to play, so if you have any financial concerns, please see Rob Albert.

USA Volleyball Membership:           $62

Coach membership/training:         $20

Uniform                                                $50

Third Ward Membership                 $70 ($50 each year after)

Balls                                                       $20

Clinics                                                   $25

Tournaments 3 of them                  $150

Total                                                      $397



($62.00 paid direct to USA Volleyball with online registration, $70 paid direct to Third Ward Club, $200 paid to Robert Albert)


Player Information: We will need sons full name, birth date, emergencies contact info, parents contact info, and any medical information (ie: allergies, etc.. ).

Any questions or comments feel free to email ( ) or contact me, Robert Albert, 716-480-9303

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